Commission A Piece Of Art For Your Yoga Studio

If you teach yoga and have recently opened your own studio, one of your responsibilities will be to decorate the interior of the space to make it feel appealing for your students. Yoga studios tend to have a calm vibe to them, which generally means that you'll want to avoid cluttering the walls with too many pieces of decor. One good idea to consider is to commission a nice piece of art from a local artist. Doing so will give the room a one-of-a-kind feel. Find a local artist online, and then meet with them to discuss your vision. Here are some ideas you might want in your studio.

Yoga Pose

A piece of art that relates to a certain yoga pose can be a good choice on the wall of your studio. Different artists may take different approaches to painting yoga pose-themed pieces. Some artists may want to paint a lifelike image of someone performing the pose. Others will favor an image that is more abstract — for example, a painting that features sweeping lines that pay tribute to a certain yoga pose. Be sure to think about what pose you want to appear on the art, and have some images of the pose ready to share with your artist.

Chakra Colors

Yoga studios often have different decorative elements that feature the seven colors of the chakra. There are lots of specific yoga poses that relate to each of these sections of the body, and it's common to mention the chakra while teaching a class. If you love these colors and want your custom piece of art to have a vivid, colorful appearance, something that ties into the chakra colors can be a good choice. Look at your artist's portfolio of past works and don't be afraid to point out one or more pieces that you may wish them to recreate with the seven chakra colors.

Stylized Word

It might be appropriate to have the piece of art refer to the name of your studio if you've worked hard to choose a specific name that you want people to easily recall. Rather than having a sign that features the name on the wall of the studio, a piece of art that offers a stylized rendition of the name can work well.

If you would like more information about how to buy art, contact a professional art dealer in your area. 

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